star catalog

star catalog
зоряний каталог

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  • star catalog — ▪ astronomy       list of stars, usually according to position and magnitude (brightness) and, in some cases, other properties (e.g., spectral type) as well. Numerous catalogs and star atlases have been made, some of fundamental importance to… …   Universalium

  • star catalog — noun : a list of stars giving their positions for a given epoch, their magnitudes, and usually other data …   Useful english dictionary

  • Guide Star Catalog — The Guide Star Catalog (GSC) is also known as the Hubble Space Telescope, Guide Catalog (HSTGC). It is a star catalogue built to support the Hubble Space Telescope with targeting off axis stars. It contains approximately 20,000,000 celestial… …   Wikipedia

  • Washington Double Star Catalog — The Washington Double Star Catalog, or WDS, is a catalog of double stars, maintained at the United States Naval Observatory. The catalog contains positions, magnitudes, proper motions and spectral types and has entries for (as of July 2006)… …   Wikipedia

  • Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog — The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog is an astrometric star catalogue. It was published by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in 1966 and contains 258,997 stars. [ Star Catalog: Positions and Proper Motions of 258,997… …   Wikipedia

  • Guide Star Catalog II — The Guide Star Catalog II was compiled by the Catalog and Surveys branch of the Space Telescope Science Institute. It has 998,402,801 coordinate entries most of which are distinct astronomical objects, and has positions, classifications, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Guide Star Catalog II — Ejemplo de campo con las fuentes de Guide Star Catalog II marcadas en rojo. El Guide Star Catalog II (Catálogo estelar guía II) fue compilado por el departamento de catálogos y estudios del Space Telescope Science Institute de Baltimore, Maryland …   Wikipedia Español

  • Hubble Guide Star Catalog - Astrographic Catalog/Tycho — The Hubble Guide Star Catalog Astrographic Catalog/Tycho (GSC ACT) is an astronomical catalogue. It contains the twenty million stars of the Hubble GSC, version 1.1, recalibrated using the U.S. Naval Observatory s ACT (Astrographic Catalog/Tycho) …   Wikipedia

  • Guide Star Catalog — Der Hubble Guide Star Catalog, kurz GSC, ist ein äußerst umfangreicher Sternkatalog in zwei Teilen. Im zweiten Teil, dem GSC II, sind Sterne mit Farbindex, Ort und Helligkeit verzeichnet, mehr als 20 mal so viele wie im ersten Teil, dem GSC I.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Washington Double Star Catalog — Catalogue d étoiles doubles de Washington Le catalogue d étoiles doubles de Washington (anglais : Washington Double Star Catalog ou WDS), est un catalogue d étoiles doubles, maintenu par l observatoire naval des États Unis. Le catalogue… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Guide Star Catalog — El Guide Star Catalogue (Catálogo de estrellas guía en inglés), abreviado como GSC, es un catálogo de estrellas construido originariamente para ayudar al Telescopio espacial Hubble al apuntar estrellas fuera de eje. Conocido también como el… …   Wikipedia Español

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